King of Games from on August 31st, 2023
Gems 55k
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Notes & Combos

Hi guys! Here I am kogging with BE + Crystal wing once again! And as the original author of deck I must say: I'm VERY GLAD that this version of the deck, that I simply created on the idea of taking inspiration of 2016 tcg BE decklists, was actually VERY appreciated by you fellow BE players to the point of being cosidered the current best version of the deck! + I saw more and more people kogging and making YT videos with this decklist and I'm VERY happy for that too!...To the point where I kogged with it againg to prove its validity :)

(Even if there are no changes in comparison to my previous decklist, here are still some notes for you)


-3 Books of moon= Ngl, even tough I saw people playing Karma x3 instead of Bom, I still think Bom is the best staple to play for BE, especially with other strong turn 1 boss monsters like Draco berserker joining in the ladder (in decks like Rokket, Tenyi, ect.) with the other turn 1 boss monsters like Dystopia and Crystal wing still present.

-Glow up bulb instead of Dragon Spirit Of White: If you guys want to play Dragon spirit of white instead of Glow-up bulb you can do that...but just be aware that Spirit will make you brick more while Bulb will give you more consistency to make Crystal wing on turn 1/2 (+ he will be in your hand as much as Spirit used to be so...quite a few times as you can guess XD )

-OTHER TIPS: The only actual tip that I can share with you (that I didn't write last time on my notes cuz of "space" reasons with the text) is to NOT BE AFRAID TO USE LEVIANEER even if you don't have linkuriboh in the GY! In fact, even tough we prefer to try to aim for Levi's 2nd and powerfull effect (by putting Linkuriboh in the GY as soon as possible), most of the time we WILL USE his 1st effect (ESPECIALLY if we manage to do the combo with Crystal wing on turn 1, since by then we will have A LOT of LIGHT monsters in the GY between BE Spirit, Ancient fairy dragon and The Sages/Stones) which will actually help us with the recovery/combo potenzial by resurrecting Cystal wing/BE Spirit to recover negates or BE Alternative/BEWD to go into Dingirsu to have protection + the chance to get rid of specif cards/annoying backrows (and believe it or not but it happened to me quite often to go into Levianeer on Turn 2 to use his 1st effect to have some recovery/to otk my opponent with Vermillion or Dingirsu)👍

With being said, thank you guys once again to liking and using this version of the deck!

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NOTE: Since also this month I reached kog on the last day I didn't manage to do some spicy duel at Kog rank unfortunately...but if you want some replays (even tough you probably already took your time to see the deck in action through YT videos ect. ) I'll make sure to soon upload some of them here in the comment section of the decklist (just like last time)👍