Fire King

King of Games from on August 30th, 2022
Gems 46k + $229
30 cards

Notes & Combos

This deck is fully optimised for the standard fire king control strategy with three Agni as a boss monster. Hand traps are added to reduce frustration when you would have bricked otherwise. You always want to see kiteroid. Wightprincess is strong but only for one turn. It is never nice to see veil as the lone hand trap because many decks can go above 4000 atk. Still, It has synergy with the field spell, extra deck, and Agni so it is optimal at 3. In fact, sometimes you have to destroy Wightprincess to search an arvata/barong. Extra deck is self explanatory: Best generics in Sin and xyz dragon, Roach for syncros like BRD, Tiger King as the decks only negate outside of Arvata which works on face spell and traps too, which I found useful for the Malefic matchup, and two Diamond Dire Wolfs specifically for Necrovalley. DDW can destroy your beast-warriors and Garunix instead of itself creating nice synergy-- two pops out of 1 DDW is what most decks cannot do.

Your most consistent turn one play will be Arvata pass. If you open with the feld spell and tenki you can activate tenki to search for barong. Then use the feld spell to destroy him and search Arvata. Normal summon him and set back row, then pass. Immediately after your opponent's draw, Barong will let you search a 'Garunix-on-standby' for Arvata's negate. Kiteroid was my only answer to a Galaxy Eyes deck that did not brick. The ladder runs lance so BOM is not reliable. You are usually one turn behind them. You must open it!

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