Abyss Actors

King of Games from on August 8th, 2022

Author Notes

It was kinda an easy climb. I stayed in legend 4 for some time though but, I did it in 60 wins. 👍

I didn't win a single Meklord match. It's kinda tough ngl; and Mellow Madonna eating my LP doesn't help either. You kinda need to go 2nd and open backrow hate + combo and win in THAT turn. It goes downhill if you don't lethal.

Won most of Rose Dragon matches but it's still tricky. I did lose some.

Anything else in the meta is doable.

Going 1st: Stall with sassy rookie + anything you can summon next to it. Proc your sealed tombs. The scale 8 you search with madonna should be according to the match-up. For example, if you're facing (Kite Tenjo; A.k.a Galaxy-Eyes), search Comic relief so you can steal your opponent's Photon Lord.

Going 2nd: summon superstar, search your spell, pop pop pop, and lethal. Its easy to Lethal with this deck I love it lol.

Peace and Love everyone. Good luck with your climbs! 👍😁