King of Games from on April 7th, 2024
Gems 56.5k
21 cards

Notes & Combos

All the level 8 fossil fusions are game-enders in their own right.

  • Skull Convoy is excellent against blue-eyes (it loves monsters that can't be destroyed by battle)
  • Skullgios loves mayakashi, and RE zombie lord. Tenyi summoning draco beserker with a vishuda in grave is always appreciated
  • Skull King is your main t1 play to mess with graveyard-based combos (shiranui, tenyi, zombie pile) and double attacks + piercing is massive in 4k lp formats

Castel: MVP during the climb. Its removal effect is stellar, but the most important part is that it detaches 2 materials instead of 1. Filling your grave with more rocks to fuse with. Usually you make castel with skullgar + shellknight/weathering soldier.

Release from stone: Another excellent card. Backrow removal is everywhere and being able to revive a banished shellknight or weathering soldier in response to a pop lets you search a miracle rupture/fossil fusion or special summon a gaia plate. If the trap does survive until the opponent's battlephase, you can summon your banished gaia plate instead.

Excellent matchups against: Photon, Mayakashi, Yubel, Cyberse Quantum, Kozmo, Lunalight

Even matchups against: Sky striker, Battle Chronicle, Speedroid

  • Turn order and starting hand dictates everything

Poor matchups against: Live twin, s-force, sushi, evil eye, and shiranui (when they go first)

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