Gunkan Suship

KC Cup DLv. Max from on February 12th, 2024
Gems 40k
20 cards

Notes & Combos

Unagi is my favorite sushi, both IRL and in DL! Quick-Effect negate potentially multiple face-ups AND 2900 direct attack is nutty. Turn 1 play is Uni-Dreadnought and Cairngorgon, turn 2 is Uni-Dreadnought and Ikura-Dreadnought/Utopia Lightning. If your hand has a lot of Monsters you can even make a 3rd XYZ. Monster Reborn is for Uni or a Shari sent by the Painful Decision. I only use the Skill on turn 1 if my starting hand has no Spells or Traps to disrupt my opponent. If Floodgate resolves keep the Monster face-down, so only attack with Uni-Dreadnought and don't use Swords! The 2nd Ikura-Dreadnought does not see a lot of action, maybe Dweller or Exciton are more useful.

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Best turn 1 against Shiranui:

Turn 2 against Shiranui: