KC Cup DLv. Max from on February 18th, 2024
Gems 51.5k
20 cards

Notes & Combos

On the last day, I found this KCC to be particularly challenging (at least for me, haha). I experimented with various Constellar deck versions, and I must say, this 20-card Constellar deck works best for me.

Every card in the main deck proved to be very useful. While I considered adding more Pollux, drawing it more than once in first turn didn't seem optimal. Similarly, I opted for only 2 Zubens instead of 3 for the same reason as Pollux. I included Book of Moon instead of 3 limited traps because they tend to be too slow, and Book of Moon helps against monsters like Tachyon and any other troublesome monsters. Additionally, due to Star Chart, I only had 2 slots available for setting my traps/quick-magic cards, making handtraps a better choice.

I ran 3 Sombres and 3 Rasals because they form a one-card combo.

As for the extra deck, the only card I didn't use was Phoenix.

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