Ancient Warriors

KC Cup DLv. Max from on February 11th, 2024

Notes & Combos

What changed?

Desperate times call for desperate measures! Tachyon and backrow decks are everywhere and they murder this deck hard. So since this decks going first isnt that bad, I tried to optimize this decks going second capability. First, I play 3 guan yun and zero zhang de. Zhang de sucks and is just a win more tool. Guan yun with visits lets you play without your normal summon and going second against tachyon, he can force out 1 interruption alone. Second I play 3 gyokkou because I hate backrow and 3 yoko because I hate tachyon. Yoko also doesn't discard for cost, so you won't go too hard minus if it gets hit with mst or transmigration. 1 tenki, because that is all you need and I never want to see a second copy ever again. I cut tensu because I don't see the value in this deck.

Whats the endboard?

  • Just sun mou ends on ddl + defense of changban. In your opponent's turn, you just send changban with ddl if threatened. Otherwise, use it to skip the battlephase
  • Sun mou + visit ends on ddl + changban + zhang yuan OR if you happen to open another wind aw you can also have a spell/trap negate with zhuge kong on top.
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