KC Cup DLv. Max from on April 8th, 2024
Gems 44k
20 cards

Notes & Combos

Probably the most carried KC run y'all will ever see. Idk if they just didn't draw playable but got way too many instant surrenders especially at the end. And the decklists early on were not exactly super meta. I gotta post my only W though because I've never gotten KC cup before ;-;.

Overall, this deck sucks to play, half the time you will not draw petingcessoeur/magileine, and the other half they draw D.D. crow or veiler and stop you instantly. But those moments where they don't play either and you get to use lance/cosmic to stop the backrow and chalice to stop the 2 zombie decks(mayakashi/shiranui) were often enough.

Anjelly feels so needed to make this deck work as you could increase it to a 30 card list and then be MUCH less likely to draw puddingcess, hootcake, and messengelato(the worst thing to draw ever).

One more thing i'd like to add, being able to use magileine to basically draw a free card if you already have petingcessaur by searching for puddingcess and using the skill is pretty nice at times.

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R1: zombie world

R2: Constellar

R3: Mayakashi

R4: Shaddoll(free)

R5: T.G. (free)