Six Samurais Breakdown


Six Samurais are a fast-swarming archetype whose main focus is their boss monster, Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En. The negation effect of Shi En, combined with the bounce effects of Legendary Six Samurai - Enishi and Six Style - Dual Wield, make Six Samurais a highly disruptive deck that can be difficult for many other decks to play through. Additional search, floating, and draw effects (from Secret Six Samurai - Kizaru/Shien's Dojo, Secret Six Samurai - Fuma, and Six Samurai United, respectively) help keep the deck extremely consistent, and further swarm options in Grandmaster of the Six Samurai and Legendary Six Samurai - Kizan make Six Samurais a serious offensive threat as well.

Deck Statistics

Average size: 20 cards

Top Cards
Duel Links Card: Secret%20Six%20Samurai%20-%20Fuma
Duel Links Card: Legendary%20Six%20Samurai%20-%20Shi%20En
Duel Links Card: Secret%20Six%20Samurai%20-%20Rihan
Duel Links Card: Legendary%20Six%20Samurai%20-%20Kizan
Duel Links Card: Armades,%20Keeper%20of%20Boundaries
3x in 100%
2x in 96% • 3x in 4%
1x in 87% • 0x in 13%
3x in 85% • 2x in 9%
• 0x in 4%
• 1x in 2%
1x in 85% • 0x in 9%
• 2x in 6%

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Sample Deck

Top 10 Global – September 2019 KC Cupkinghalo

Extra Information

  • If you have Shi En on the field, save the spell/trap negation for the card that can actually allow your opponent to have a comeback. They'll usually try to make you negate the wrong card by activating the important one second.
  • Shi En and Great Shogun Shien don't provide the spell/trap lockdown you'd imagine them to. When you negate the activation of a spell/trap card with Shi En, it doesn't count as being activated, so they'll still have one more to use.
  • While it's preferable to own multiple copies of Legendary Six Samurai - Kizan, a more budget-friendly option is the monster card Legendary Secret of the Six Samurai, which special summons itself to the field when, for example, Fuma is summoned (letting you make Shi En).
  • If you have multiple Six Samurai monsters on the field and your opponent is focusing their efforts on destroying a specific monster, try to keep it alive with the "you can destroy a different Six Samurai monster instead" effect as it's probably the most harmful to their deck.
  • You can use Cunning of the Six Samurai on Six Samurai monsters in both yours and your opponent's graveyard.
  • Try to include copies of Shien's Dojo and Six Samurai United in most (if not all decks) as this improves the deck's consistency with direct monster special summoning and drawing ability.