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Introduction to Six Samurais


Grandmaster of the Six Samurai is the card the whole deck revolves around and is a must have at 3 copies. He allows you a free special summon as long as you have a Six Samurai monster on the board already, and by having 2 Six Samurai monsters on the board we can special summon Great Shogun Shien to have a very strong board setup. The power to overwhelm your opponent by summoning Grandmaster + Shien is the core strategy revolving the six samurai sample deck and you should be looking to get quick OTK's ending the game before turn 3 or turn 4.

Deck Breakdown

We currently do not have enough statistics on this deck to generate a breakdown. See below for recent decklists.

Extra Information

  • Always look to have Grandmaster of the Six Samurai + a Six Samurai monster you can normal summon in your opening hand.

  • Great Shogun Shien locks your opponent down by only letting them play 1 Spell + Trap per turn. Protecting him via his effect is a great strategy.

  • Use Hand of the Six Samurai's effect to sacrifice itself to destroy an enemy monster for a quick OTK.

  • Don't be afraid to let some of your Six Samurai monsters die; we run at minimum 2 Powerful Rebirth so bringing them back from the grave isn't a problem.


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