Neos Breakdown


Neos is an aggressive control deck utilizing strong anti-meta normal summons and techs in combination with Neos Fusion to summon their boss monster Elemental HERO Brave Neos. Neos decks contain a set of 12 – 14 core cards (3x Keeper of Dragon Magic, 2-3x Mask Change,2-3x Favorite Hero, 2x Neos Fusion, 2x Elemental HERO Neos and 1x Necrovalley) in the main deck. The other spaces are filled with various tech cards like Cosmic Cyclone or Karma Cut and either Level 1-4 monsters with graveyard effects like Bacon Saver to use after the fusion of Brave Neos or Neo Space Connector and Elemental HERO Neos Alius to better revive Elemental HERO Neos from the graveyard and gain quicker access to Masked HERO Koga from the extra deck. A Neos Extra Deck contains the Neos boss monster, Brave Neos, usually twice. Masked HERO Koga (2-3x) and additional Neos fusion monsters fill the other spaces. See examples for Neos decks below. Neos decks excel in preserving their board by using Neos Fusion’s graveyard effect to protect Neos Fusion summoned monsters. Brave Neos´ effect searches for another Neos Fusion or Miracle Contact after destroying an opponent’s monster. This provides the ability for follow-up plays and keeps the pressure upon the opponent, who must also always be prepared for the summon of attribute specific Elemental HERO fusion monsters due to Masked Heros quick effect to maintain board presence.

Deck Statistics

Because this deck has been out of the meta for a while, we do not have enough statistics on the deck to generate an up-to-date breakdown. See below for the most recent available decklists.

Extra Information

  • Neos Fusion restricts the user from special summoning monsters after it resolves. Make sure any additional special summons you want to perform are done BEFORE you activate it.
  • Neos Fusion only protects from effects that “destroy” monsters. Neos Fusion Monsters can be tributed away (Lava Golem), be banished (Dark Magical Circle), sent back to the Extra Deck (Evil Eye Defeat) or to the graveyard (Karakuri Ninja mdl 339 “Sazank”)
  • Neos Fusion’s graveyard effect only protects fusion monsters that specifically list Elemental HERO Neos. It does not work on attribute specific Elemental HERO fusion monsters like Masked HERO Koga.
  • Only Elemental HERO Brave Neos effect searches for another Neos Fusion or Miracle Contact. Other Neos Fusion monsters don’t.
  • If Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon or Armades, Keeper of Boundaries declare an attack, you can still banish Neos Fusion to protect your fusion monster from destruction.
  • Neos Fusion can protect multiple Neos Fusion monsters from being destroyed if they are destroyed at the same time. For example, you can protect two Elemental HERO Brave Neos from being destroyed by Treacherous Trap Hole by banishing a single Neos Fusion from the graveyard.
  • If a Parasite Paracide is shuffled into your deck by Parasite Infestation, Neos Fusion can send the parasite to your opponent’s graveyard as material for a fusion monster.


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Neos & Friends: A Comprehensive Guide


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