Dark Magician Breakdown

Deck Statistics

Because this deck has been out of the meta for a while, we do not have enough statistics on the deck to generate an up-to-date breakdown. See below for the most recent available decklists.

Sample Deck

King of Games – November 8, 2019 – Vklasb

Extra Information

  • If you have yet to use your Dark Magic Curtain, make sure to leave at least 1 Dark Magician in your deck. Remember, Legion the Fiend Jester can grab Dark Magician from the Graveyard.
  • Magician's Rod's secondary effect that adds itself back from the GY to your hand does come in handy sometimes, especially if you have a Floodgated monster that you don't mind tributing. Its search is powerful, and you have to be aware of what you have left to search in your deck. Remember, you must activate a spell/trap in your opponent's turn, so think carefully whether or not having the searcher is worth it.