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Introduction to Bujins


Bujins are a deck based on the symbiotic relationship between the Beast-Warrior-type “Bujin” monsters and the Beast-type “Bujingi” monsters. The main Bujin monster is Bujin Yamato, which cycles monsters from the deck to the hand to the grave. The other Bujin monsters support and swarm around Yamato, while the Bujingi monsters serve as a graveyard toolbox for monster/backrow removal, targeting/destruction protection, and Damage Step ATK boosts. Bujingi Crane is an additional ATK boost that can be activated from the hand for even more protection. Overall Bujins function as a control deck, working slowly to dissect their opponent’s field.

Deck Breakdown

We currently do not have enough statistics on this deck to generate a breakdown. See below for recent decklists.

Sample Deck

King of Games - May 19, 2019 - Cupgod

Extra Info

  • Bujin Arasuda can be special summoned off your Bujingi monsters being banished from the grave for their effects, not just your opponent’s banishing effects like Spellbook of Fate.

  • In the mirror match, the turn player has priority to activate Sinyou’s effect. If you chain your Sinyou to theirs, your ATK boost will resolve and then their monster will be boosted over yours.

  • Because Bujin Regalia - The Sword does not start an attack replay, using it on an opponent's attack to grab a Bujingi Crane from the grave is a good way to pick off an opponent's monster.

  • Although it is very rarely relevant, it can be useful to note that unlike the other Bujingi monsters, Bujingi Turtle is not restricted to one use per turn. It is also one of the only Bujingi monsters to not require a “Beast-Warrior-type Bujin monster”, instead being able to protect both Bujin and Bujingi monsters on the field.