Ultra Athletes Deck Breakdown


U.A. monsters have the effect of allowing you to Special Summon a U.A. monster (from your hand) by returning 1 U.A. monster you control to the hand. This effect, coupled with the powerful effects of the individual U.A. monsters, creates an explosive and powerful deck. Loading... 's effect can eliminate any chance your opponent has to stop your attacks by cutting them off from activating effects until after the Damage Step. Loading... helps you swarm the field and return resources from your graveyard. Loading... , while arguably a worse Loading... , can be useful even if destroyed by searching for a Loading... that will help you gain useful card advantage. The main drawback of this deck is establishing a board presence. Currently, Loading... is the ONLY U.A. monster available that can be normal summoned without tributing. Because of this, monsters such as Loading... and Loading... are used as tribute fodder.

Deck Statistics

We currently do not have enough data on recent, legal ways to play this deck to generate a detailed breakdown. See below for the latest available decklists.

Sample Deck

Feb 2022 Win Streak February 26th, 2022

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