Mermails Deck Breakdown


Mermails (also known as Mermail Atlanteans) are a toolbox deck that focus on taking advantage of Atlantean monsters' effects with the effects of Mermail monsters. Most Mermail monster effects involve special summoning or searching by discarding a Water monster, while Atlantean monster effects involve destroying face-up or face-down cards on the field when discarded by a Water monster. When the two archetypes are combined, it has lots of potential to end games quickly by swarming the field and outing cards on the opponent’s field respectively. Loading... is the main monster of the deck, which both special summons itself by discarding a Water monster and searches out a level 4 or lower Mermail monster. Loading... is the main boss monster of the deck, which also special summons itself by discarding 2 Water monsters, searches an 'Abyss' spell or trap, and has the potential to attack twice by tributing an ATK position Water monster. Loading... and Loading... are the main 2 cards to discard with Abyssteus / Abyssmegalo, destroying face-up cards and face-down cards respectively. Combining these factors with Loading... , which summons an Atlantean from the deck, and you have a ton of versatility in terms of plays that you can make in a game.

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