Hazy Flame Deck Breakdown


Hazy Flame decks are strong for a few reasons: The main monster, Loading..., can constantly bring out new monsters to keep your front-row strong; all Hazy Flame monsters are immune from your opponent's targeted effects (Loading..., Loading..., Loading..., Loading..., etc); the synergy of single-tribute monsters with Loading... means that the deck can thrive against slower decks that do not special summon; and the front-row reinforcements provided by Hazy Flame Sphynx work in perfect tandem with the trap Loading... to produce untargetable monsters with huge attack.

Deck Statistics

We currently do not have enough data on recent, legal ways to play this deck to generate a detailed breakdown. See below for the latest available decklists.

Sample Deck

Jul 2021 Win Streak July 9th, 2021 Sapient

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