Bujins Deck Breakdown


Bujins are a deck based on the symbiotic relationship between the Beast-Warrior-type “Bujin” monsters and the Beast-type “Bujingi” monsters. The main Bujin monster is Loading... , which cycles monsters from the deck to the hand to the grave. The other Bujin monsters support and swarm around Yamato, while the Bujingi monsters serve as a graveyard toolbox for monster/backrow removal, targeting/destruction protection, and Damage Step ATK boosts. Loading... is an additional ATK boost that can be activated from the hand for even more protection. Overall Bujins function as a control deck, working slowly to dissect their opponent's field.

Deck Statistics

Meta Pro
Tournaments only

This deck is not used enough in tournaments to generate a separate tournament-only breakdown.

Sample Deck

May 2024 KoG May 31st, 2024
Gems 30.5k + $74
22 cards

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