Fusion Clockup

Playmaker and Ai Character Image
Each of the following effects can be used once per Duel. During the Duel you use this Skill, you cannot Special Summon monsters except Dragon-Type Fusion Monsters and Cyberse-Type monsters. You can only Special Summon DARK or WIND monsters from your Graveyard. ・If you have "Cyberse Clock Dragon" in your Extra Deck, return 1 "Cynet Fusion" or 1 Cyberse-Type monster from your hand to the Deck, and add 1 "Clock Wyvern" and 1 "Cynet Fusion" to your hand. ・Change 1 Normal Monster in your Main Monster Zone to "Stack Reviver." ・Change the Type and Attribute of 2 monsters on your field to Dragon-Type and DARK Attribute. Then, send 1 "Decode Talker" from outside of your Deck to the Graveyard.

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