Tournament Information

  • The KC Cup is divided into two Stages.
  • Stage 1 is available from November 16th until November 29th.
  • Stage 2 becomes available for Duelist who reached DLv. 20 which begins November 25th and ends on November 29th.
  • Updates from previous KC Cups:
    • Changes in Titles
    • Changes to KC Cup Card Ticket Rewards

Stage 1


  • The first stage of the KC Cup plays very similar to the ranked ladder.
  • Reaching DLV MAX qualifies a player for Stage 2 of the KC Cup.
  • Gems, tickets, and gold are given to players for each DLV level.
  • Your DLv. will begin at the following levels depending on your rank in Season 69 (October) of Ranked Duels:
Rank DLv.
Silver Rank DLv. 3
Gold Rank DLv. 5
Platinum Rank DLv. 7
Legend Rank and beyond DLv. 10
  • Duelists who reached King of Games in October 2021 are invited straight to Stage 2.


DLv Reward
2 20 Gems
3 30 Gems
4 10 Skill Chips
5 50 Gems
6 1 Glossy R Ticket
7 70 Gems
8 10 Skill Chips
9 80 Gems
10 90 Gems
11 10 Skill Chips
12 100 Gems
13 2 SR Jewels
14 110 Gems
15 1 Glossy SR Ticket
16 120 Gems
17 10 Skill Chips
18 130 Gems
19 1 UR Jewel
20 150 Gems

Stage 2

  • Stage 2 of the KC Cup follows an ELO system, with points gained/lost for each win or loss.
  • Duels are global and not region only.
  • Based on a player's global ranking at the end of the event, they will receive a certain amount of tickets as well as other rewards.
  • The Top 500 players of each region will be eligible to play in the World Championship Regional Qualifiers, and be exempt from the next qualifiers for international competition.
  • Players who reached KOG rank for the 69th season of Ranked Duels (October) are automatically entered into Stage 2, but can still play in Stage 1 to gain the rewards.


The player achieving the spot of #1 Global after the rankings will receive a WCS 2022 Invitation, allowing them to attend the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships 2022

Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships 2022

  • More information, further updates and notifications for the WCS 2022 will be posted by Konami in the future.

Stage 1 DLv. MAX Decks