Tournament Information

  • Free Entry; $500 USD Prize.
  • How to join: Discord



  • 342 Players, 114 Teams
  • 6 rounds of Swiss into Top 32
  • Best 2 out of 3 matches. 3v3: 1 Deck, 7 Card/Skill Side Deck per player

Teams Info

  • Players on teams will be assigned as "Player A", "Player B", and "Player C".
  • The team leader of a team will be designated as "Player A". The remaining two players will be "Player B" and "Player C" in the order as displayed on The order will be displayed as: Team Leader, Player 2, Player 3. Thus the player assignment will be Player A, Player B, and Player C.
  • Player A of both teams will face each other, Player B of both teams will face each other, & Player C of both teams will face each other.

Full Standings

Top 32 Decktype Breakdown


Full Decktype Breakdown


Top Decklists - Prize Support: $500 USD

1st Place - , & Fenix:

2nd Place - Honolulu, Yotuba & Tornado:

Top 4 - Kuwabara, Magoo & Naruto Uzumaki:

Top 4 - HegelianBoi, yasser & RaW: