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Hello all, in light of the recent balance update, the Top Player Council will walk through the current Tier List decks and how the recent updates affected them.

I think Konami is grossly misunderstanding core issues with both the current format and multiple previous formats. Engines themselves can be strong, but evidently if multiple formats are dominated by a best deck utilizing Loading... , some mix of Loading... / Loading... / Loading... , and semi-limits Loading... and Loading... , then engines are only strong in relation to other engines.

The capacity for these techs to equalize or reverse game states result in many formats being dominated by decks that look almost identical to those from other formats. I would attribute this phenomenon to the strength of these staples in relation to the engines we have available; before Book of Moon was released, decks would utilize various tech options to compliment their strategy, however Book of Moon is far more versatile than any alternatives that it is the first tech card added to almost every deck without question, putting it on par with the power semi-limits in Enemy Controller, Treacherous Trap Hole, and the now banned Loading... .

Until stronger engines are released, I think these staples pose a serious long-lasting problem to the health of the competitive metagame and using Link Monsters as a mechanic as a set of monsters that cannot be flipped face-down is not a productive long-term solution.

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More specifically, I think this banlist only further reinforces Rose Dragon's position as the most dominant force in the metagame. Retaining almost all of it's staples, Rose remains a deck that is both capable of defending well and capable of breaking any board. Rose Dragon has every tool in the toolbox, and as a result every other deck has to min max towards a specific playstyle to contest Rose's weaknesses in order to stand a chance. I don't think I am alone in predicting rose to be the best deck in the upcoming metagame, or possibly the only viable deck period.

Loading... is at 2 now! Rose Dragon is still safe and sound, you just have to run another Tuner which can be Loading... or Loading... . Rose Dragon is most likely still going to dominate at Tier 1, but I am expecting a Skill rebalancing soon before the new world.

Horrible banlist, nothing to say. This just propels Rose Dragon to Tier 0 status, completely nerfing its "counter" in HEROs, while just giving a light hit to the deck. There has to be more, either through Skill rebalancing, or some new deck that just completely destroys Rose within the new world.

At first glance, the semi-limitation on Loading... doesn't seem like it does too much. Losing a Roxrose doesn't affect the grind game as much as semi-limiting Loading... would, due to Spell of Roses searching Roxrose anyway. Taking away the option to use Loading... and Loading... only has a minor effect on the deck when it can still use Limited-to-3 cards like Loading... and Loading... . However, it is worth mentioning that with Roxrose Dragon now at 2 the deck is weaker to tech cards that banish Roxrose Dragon such as Loading... , Loading... , Loading... and Loading... .

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