Tier 0

TPC Comments

Salamangreat remains the best strategy without a reliable counter since it can easily adapt due to its large space for techs in the Main and Extra Deck.

Salamangreat has cemented its spot as the best deck in the game right now, even gaining the option to use the Mekk-Knight engine to raise their versatility and longevity. It's expected to claim a ton of spots in the KC Cup Top 100 and have a high representation in other competitive environments, regardless of format. We will keep it where it is for now until some major changes take place soon after the KC Cup.

Tier 2

There are no Tier 2 Decks

Tier 3

TPC Comments

Mekk-Knight has proven to be one of the strongest archetypes/engines to ever come to the Duel Links, with their ability to spam the field and set-up a Turn 1 pseudo-Loading... in Loading... or pseudo-Loading... in Loading... . The deck has one of the best Turn 2's with its ability to clear a whole Salamangreat board without much issue. Loading... and Loading... provide solid recovery while Loading... , Loading... , and/or Loading... provide consistency. They also have access to some solid utility with the Galaxy-Eyes and Loading... /Loading... packages and the staple backrow from the Limited List. They also are quite splashable, being seen as options in Code Talkers, Salamangreat, and essentially any deck capable of making a LINK-! monster in the future (only time can tell).

The deck struggles against cards like Loading... and Loading... , and has the possibility of being blown out by backrow removal like Loading... . Loading... 's pop effect also poses a potential problem since its ability activates from the Graveyard and not the field (this also applies to decks like Burning Abyss which mostly operate from the Graveyard [not to mention {!Mind of the Plana] permanently removing Purple Nightfall)). Regardless, Mekk-Knight is still a great deck and engine, which is why we're promoting it to Tier 3.

Mekk-Knights have entered the Duel Links metagame with a bang. The deck has the ability to set up negates for any of the card types going first, and the ability to swarm the board / play through disruption going second. It also has resource generation and the follow-up plays thanks to Loading... and Loading... . On top of all that, Mekk-Knight has access to the generic Limit-2 and Limit-3 staples, alongside the Rank 8 Xyz toolbox if needed. The Mekk-Knight engine can also be played in other decks like Salamangreat, as we seen many examples over the past weeks with decent levels of success. The deck is Tier 3 for now, but looks like it's quite capable of rising even more.