Since this Tier List was made so shortly after the banlist announcement. As such the Tier List is in a more volatile state and subject to more rapid changes as the meta adjusts.

Tier 1

There are currently no Tier 1 Decks

TPC Comments

Most decks in the meta have good consistency, the need to win the coinflip, and temperamental matchup spreads. The overall opinion of the Top Player Council is that there is no centralizing "best deck" at the moment that has positive matchups across the board.

I personally have always been one of those who think that there are always Tier 1 decks or just the best deck, but I can understand the reason behind this decsion. Live☆Twin is a real threat going first, being able to leave up to five disruptions, but has several difficulties when going second. On the other hand, Tenyi is excellent going second and is capable of breaking any board, but they falter going first. Finally, Rokket is the most well-rounded deck of the three, but it also does not have anything that makes them excel over than the rest. Overall we still need more information about the best deck in the format and now that Black Luster Soldier is (hopefully) gone. We might even see the rise of Battle Phase-related effects, but only time will tell.

Tier 2

TPC Comments

It seems that the majority of us at the TPC have collectively decided to be safe with this new format Tier List. Having no Tier 1 decks shows that initial thoughts on the best deck are not set in stone. This is probably due to the major nerf to Black Luster Soldier lowering the power level of the meta and leveling it out pretty equally across the three decks listed here. In my opinion, I think it is going to take a lot longer than normal for the new "deck to beat" to put up results as such.

Live☆Twin has a lot of 1-card starters, good draw power through Loading... + the Knightmare Package, and the ability to make 3-4 interruptions going first. However, the deck struggles going second through disruption if they don't draw Loading... as an extender and/or the appropriate out.

Tenyi still more-or-less maintains their original power-level but the falloff of Black Luster Soldier removes one of their worst/sackier matchups (BLS easily OTK'd 6000 LP with their ability to shut off effects in the Battle Phase). Now the deck's main going first play of "6000 LP + Loading... pass" is very hard to OTK through, and is almost guaranteed to pop-off on the following turn.