Ah yes. The second best deck of the last format and winner of Meta Weekly 174, Blue-Eyes, has to be the best deck of the format right? Wrong wrong. While the deck only lost 1 card with the banlist that card has a huge impact on the deck. Without Loading... the deck lost one way to get to Loading... as well to its easiest way to summon a Level 8 on the board. Since the deck is not able to summon a lvl 8 easily, it is not capable of summoning Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon easily which in combination of Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon was a big gatekeeper for other decks in combination of Stick Chair Darklords. The decks did not have a good way to deal with a Monster which had a 3k body which is able to potentially negate a card in the GY on top of being able to tag out into a monster which has targeting and destruction protection very reminiscent of an already banned card called Invoked Cocytus. With those problems out of the way. Other decks can get there time to shine and open up to a meta with a lot of healthy decks.

Tier 1

TPC Comments


Currently the throne is being taken by Harpies. With the power level of the format being lower due to highroll decks of the previous format either being dead or having a lot of bad matchups, Harpies are able to enjoy themselves. A lot of people switched to }!Harpies' Hunting Ground} as the Skill of choice in the Main Deck because the Blue-Eyes matchup is not as recognized. As such, the deck has a very easy time dealing with control decks in the format, being able to pop the backrow freely or just popping Loading... , which forces the board to blow up. Harpies are the current gatekeeper to pretty much every backrow-reliant control deck and will continue to do so for the time being.

In the mean time, people have experimented with 30-card decks once again, including cards like Loading... and Loading... , taking advantage of the overall slower format. Fire King being a deck with their ability to grind and prevent OTKs with Handtraps means that by including cards like Loading... and Loading... , Sign and Harpist gain a lot more value. Not to forget, that Harpies' Hunting Ground can be on the field at the start of the duel, allowing easy Sign triggers. Harpist also being a Harpie Lady makes it not solely-reliant on being discarded, allowing it to naturally synergize with the deck as a roleplayer.

Overall, Harpies are one of the two most influential decks of the format, along with Fire Kings, and will be heavily represented in the next MCS.


Showing dominance with their fast and consistent play style, Harpies take the sole role of Tier 1. Being Tier 1 in this meta may not mean much in terms of power ceiling, but they are what performs best with the decks we've got. Even having a card like Loading... to side against Harpies isn’t always enough because of their easy access to Harpies' Hunting Ground . Expect to see this deck...everywhere (especially being free-to-play friendly).


Harpies are able to set up a Loading... with one to two backrow consistently going first, or dodge the opponent's backrow going second with Loading... or Loading... . Even if you're able to deal with this, if you're unable to OTK, Harpies can set the same board up over and over again. If you side Loading... for the matchup, harpies can side into Harpies' Hunting Ground and out it easily. Due to this consistency, Harpies are very strong in this meta, as deserve Tier 1.

Tier 2

TPC Comments


A hit to Blue-Eyes and Darklords was all Fire King needed to do better in tournaments, but Konami were generous enough to also give us Loading... , which boosts the consistency of the deck and lets you play nice toolbox cards like Loading... since its now searchable. Deck lists are still being tuned since the meta is very fresh, but expect this deck to be pulling good results in upcoming tournaments.