Tier 1

TPC Comments

D/D/Ds remain Tier 1 for this week. The deck seems to have branched into two variants: a more combo-oriented deck with Loading... and Loading... to make plays and have access to a Turn 1 Loading... , and a more control-oriented build more similar to the decks we saw before the support dropped. Regardless of variant, with easy access to constant backrow removal in the form of Loading... , OTK potential, and in-engine disruption with Loading... and Loading... , it is clear that D/D/D is the deck to beat right now.

D/D/D remains in the sole Tier 1 position, as it has now all the resources to be here:

  • Going First? Just Xyz Summon Loading... and draw 3 cards.
  • Going Second? Just Fusion Summon a free S/T Negate in the form of Loading... and a threaten Banishing with Loading...

Also, a decent card the deck received recently is Loading... which works like and interruption on its own, disrupting opposing Xyz, Fusion & Synchro plays

D/D/D's new combo version allows them to sack going second with in-engine S/T negation, banishing and destruction. Going first, they can Draw three and set 2 disruptions (or cards from their Side Deck). The deck's weakness are that the Contract only lets them set 2 disruptions and they don't have many monster disruptions (Loading... is mostly played in Side).

Tier 2

TPC Comments

Gandora stays at Tier 2 (for now) as the (theoretical) D/D/D counter: they can stall with handtraps and OTK through 2 disruptions. In practice, this deck hasn't been performing that well in tournaments or team competitions (I think it even lost to Loading... beatdown).

Gandora remains Tier 2. The deck has not changed much in the past week apart from some people swapping from Loading... to Loading... to stop pretty much any deck from OTKing (while Kiteroid doesn't stop Metalfoes or Fluffals) and using Loading... as their new Limit 2 choice. The only downside is that this list is weak to Loading... and Loading... (but running Loading... alongside it makes it better). Loading... is another card that can help against bad matchups such as Metalfoes but it is a bit too slow sometimes. As always, deck diversity is a huge part of this deck's success.