Turns out post-KC and an unfortunately lackluster structure deck (I still have hopes) didn't help the meta evolve at all. Nothing new was found out, and even if it did, it'll probably be held until KCGT Top 128. Expect to have another week of absolutely nothing on the next one.

Tier 1

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Burning Abyss stays at Tier 1 as of now, but for how long? What it seemed a small hit might be a bit more complicated than that. With Loading... to 3, BA lost access to their most powerful techs during KCC: Loading... and Loading... . Builds are choosing to play 2-1 Farfa / Levi and/or add Loading... as a replacement boss monster, but it's not the same.

I guess nothing really changes huh? While the banlist and Skill changes seems to have hit D/D/D hard, in reality all it took was a slight deck adjustment and the deck is as good as ever (albeit slightly worse). While losing a lot of grind potential and explosiveness on Turn 3, the deck can still do what it did prior to the banlist pretty well. On top of that, new techs such as Loading... , Loading... , and Loading... are currently being explored.

D/D/D remains at the top even after the banlist. Mostly losing what made it "unfair" (consistent Draw 3 or Turn 2 Loading... sack), D/D/D adapted easily to the nerf by adding more copies of Loading... and Loading... to cover for the missing engine pieces and Loading... as the preferred tech.

Tier 2

There are no Tier 2 Decks

Tier 3

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