This Tier List is for the WCQ, indicating what the Top Player Council think will do well in the second stage Best-of-1 Ladder Event.

Tier 1

TPC Comments

I expect to see a ton of Blue-Eyes, Agents and Borrel Link smattered around the second stage of the World Championship Qualifiers. There might be some amount of Darkfluid decks (depending on the amount of Agents players battling it out at the top ranks).

Tier 2

TPC Comments

When the latest box brought about Agents, they were expected to be a force so oppressive that "Tier 0" was floating around the masses. Two weeks later, however, we have another strong contender in Borrel Link, a deck capable of dismantling Agents's board (and pretty much every other board for that matter). With Borrel Link's performance, techs have begun to arise to combat them (like Loading... in Blue-Eyes and Loading... in other decks like Agents). Loading... is another floodgate-esque tech that might show up, capable of disrupting Type-reliant plays (although the decks capable of utilizing it are few and far between).

Tier 3

TPC Comments

Out of the Tier 3/Rogue decks, Sunavalon has the most stable game-play being able to represent multiple points of interaction, OTK lines and handtrap access with its relatively small engine requirements.

Performage isn't inherently deleted by Loading... 's omnipresence, and the Rank 4 Xyz toolbox is versatile enough to pull off some placements in the Top 100.