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This is the first Tier List for this season's iteration of Top Player Council

There is an increase in handtrap usage once again (compared to the previous meta), with Loading... , Loading... and Loading... (which is able to stop Loading... , SHaddolls, and other GY effects from Zombies and Fleur) seeing high amounts of success.

Tier 1

There are no Tier 1 Decks

Right now we're in a real toss-up meta: Fleur, Borrel, Shaddoll, and Performage have all performed and I don't think one deck stands out much from the others. I think any deck on the Tier List can beat any other deck at the moment, so it's hard to classify any clear Tier 1.

Right now we're in a weird meta, where cards like Loading... and Loading... exist, so decks like Unchained, Borrel Link, and Fleur can't really contest the top spot while decks like Shaddoll and Performage aim to abuse them.

The format is in a weird spot, the way Skills work at the moment favors lots of decks at going second at the moment due to the extra effects you get from aid Skills, and pairing those with handtraps such as Loading... (which most decks are weak to) can win games on the spot. However, there are strategies that favor going first such as Shaddoll which can win games right away due to setting up their Turn 3 as well as floodgating the opponent with Loading... , but is also very vulnerable to going second or bricking. Since there is no deck that excels at both going First and Second and can deal with hand traps on top of that, there is no best deck and nothing is strong enough to be considered Tier 1. Every deck's power level is very moderate which opens up a potentially diverse format

Tier 2

TPC Comments

Borrel Link and Shaddoll have been demoted to reflect a diverse meta where no Deck is dominant.