With the recent announcement of one of the largest, most meta-warping banlists, and the lack of concrete results in the new format, this Tier List was made from a lot of internal testing and speculation from TPC members. This is by no means definitive and will be subject to change over the course of the next few weeks as the meta gets more and more defined.


It turns out Konami really wanted to change the meta, by kneecapping Shiranui and Dark Magician, which were popular Ranked decks, and Crystrons, a Top 3 deck of the last format. As to what the meta is right now, we are in uncharted waters. People are still experimenting with Crystrons by using a Mermail engine (Loading... can work as a starter) but the big winners are Cyber Dragons and Blackwings. since both received no nerfs and they have already achieved multiple Top Cut spots in some tournaments. Other slower decks like Ritual Beasts and Witchcrafters may also have their chance to shine, and older Top Tier decks like Thunder Dragons and Blue-Eyes are looking quite good as well. Last but not least, the Noble Knight strategy seems to have potential, with potentially more support coming in a future Box like Konami has done before with Dragunity and Gladiator Beasts. Finally, without Loading... , there are many decks that can breathe and may as well have a chance to perform.


With the November 2020 KCC results, we also got a new banlist that nuked the meta! While Crystrons, Shiranui, Karakuri and Invoked Magician Girls have fallen off the Tier Lis, other old decks like Cyber Dragon, Witchcrafter, Blackwings and Ritual Beasts seem to have risen to the Top Tiers for the moment. Keep in mind that this Tier List results from the first 48 hours of testing and predicting the new meta after the banlist hit, so don't be suprised if a lot of changes happen again in the following weeks when the meta is a bit more stable. Older decks like Crystrons or Invoked Magician Girls could possibly return once new builds have adapted to the current Top Tier decks.


The Noble Knight structure deck was released concurrently with the new banlist, and as such it has garnered a lot of attention. I would say that Noble Knights may be the strongest Xyz-focused deck we have seen thus far, however that is not a high bar to jump over. I would say that in their current state Noble Knights do not have a chance at making it to Tier 1, however it is very possible that the deck reaches Tier 3 status as the deck develops and is more fully understood, however it should be clear that this is a prediction and not a guarantee.

Tier 1


Cyber Dragons are promoted to Tier 1 this week, as it has become one of the best decks in the format. It's the only OTK deck in the meta with a good Turn 1 play by searching Loading... , while also having one of the best Turn 2's when it opens the combination of Loading... and Loading... . One of the main strengths of the deck is being harder to Side against than other Top Decks like Witchcrafters and Ritual Beasts.

Witchcrafters return to the metagame with the recent banlist nerfing both a very difficult matchup (Karakuri) and a near-impossible match-up (Combo Shiranui). Despite the deck's power level getting hit in a previous banlist, with the whole meta getting weakened in general it's expected to perform well against the other un-nerfed decks, as most of them are favorable matchups like Cyber Dragons, Ritual Beasts, Crystronsm Gouki, and other rogue backrow decks. Witchcrafter's strength is also heavily affected by how prevalent Blackwings will be in this new meta, as they have a difficult time surviving their OTK turns.

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The last banlist left Witchcrafter in a bad spot in the meta, this new banlist put it back at the top, since the decks that are being considered in this beginning of the format are disadvantaged against Withcrafters. Loading... will be a very powerful card in this metagame and without a doubt we will see Loading... again in various Side Decks.

After the KCC, Cyber Dragon was seen as a viable deck for this format, now with the changes in the banlist, his 2 archenemies (Loading... and Loading... ) are out of the format. Cyber Dragon will shine in this format mainly because in addition to being able to clear backrow they have a great OTK potential. However, I believe there will be a lot of Loading... s floating around this format to combat these uncontested OTK decks.


Loading... is back and she is looking to be very popular and strong this format. Positive matchups against what seem to be the two most popular decks at the start of the format (Cyber Dragon and Ritual Beasts) makes Witchcrafter a really solid pick. Main weakness of the deck are sometimes your openings can be a bit lackluster, but a vast majority of the time you should have good enough hands to play through what your opponent has, unless you are facing Blackwings which is definetly a hard matchup.