This is the first Tier List since the recent balance update. As such, the Tier List is in an incredibly volatile state and is subject to drastic changes. Expect the Tier List to get more refined as results and opinions get more solidified.

Tier 1

TPC Comments


Blue-Eyes has been limited by losing a bit of power, but it's still expected to be on the top of the food chain of meta because the Loading... opening has been nerfed, but it's still consistent and one of the most powerful openings we actually have.


Blue-Eyes remain as the best deck of the meta for now due to the high power ceiling and the Skill which unbricks them. Blue eyes did receive a hit by losing Loading... thus hurting consistency, which gives decks with low power ceiling but high consistency like Harpies more room to thrive


The newest banlist has given a miniscule hit to Blue-Eyes by taking out only one core card, Loading... . Thus, the deck is still Tier 1 and for the time being the clear frontrunner for the best deck in the game. Sure, Melody is a great card but the deck still has 3 Loading... , 3 Loading... as well as the rest of the cards that make the deck broken. Simply put, deck builders will just swap out Melody for another Loading... or a Loading... and call it a day, mitigating any damage the banlist could have done. Blue-Eyes is still the best deck and that will likely not change with the newest box release as early testing has shown Blue-Eyes is favored against the new decks like Dark World and Fire Fist.

Tier 2

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With Darklords gone and Blue-Eyes being more vulnerable, the consistency of Harpies is now dangerous enough to make them a Tier 2. However, with Fire King and Thunder Dragons potentially back in the meta Harpies will have hard time due to the bad matchup they have against them and good Blue-Eyes openings. The deck is still promising, and it will have a high representation in tournaments but the evolution of the meta won't make it easy for harpies to adapt too well.