Now that the KC Cup is over, we go back to a Side Deck format; and since nothing new and powerful came out of the woodwork, the Tier List goes back to being the same...

Blue-Eyes and Darklords continue to dominate with their extremely powerful openers, and follow-up, should their established board be broken. Get your resident sleepers ready.

Onomat and Harpies remain at Tier 3 because they can still perform well with their consistency and punish opponents for not having an optimal Turn 1.


This KC Cup is one of the least impactful ones we ever had. The format basically didn‘t change at all, no new or secret deck was found, we‘re literally at the exact same point we were before the KC Cup.

The decks that don‘t benefit from KC Cup format are moved up again (like Blue-Eyes, where Side is helpful to beat your unfavored match-ups) and the more rogue or OTK-reliant decks have demoted, as just like before they can‘t thrive in the Side Deck environment.

Tier 1

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Davide Magri

Blue Eyes' performance in the KC Cup was what just was expected: good but not outstanding. However, it's gonna move up again due to the reintroduction of Side Deck. Nothing new to say, having the choice of what techs do you want in specific matchups remains incredibly good in a deck that can easily draw into them, and the deck is consistent and powerful enough to beat pretty much everything by itself anyways, which is why it's back to its Tier 1 status.


Blue-Eyes goes back to Tier 1 after the KCC. The deck is highly consistent with a high power ceiling, and with Side Deck format, it only increases its power. However, compared to its rival (Star Seraph Darklords), Blue-Eyes is on the lower end of the Tier 1 spectrum.


Blue-Eyes (which was already a strong deck) is now once again able to adjust other Tiered decks with their Side Decks. With this advantage, Blue-Eyes has been promoted back to Tier 1.

Tier 2

There are no Tier 2 Decks

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