Note From , TPC Manager

This is the Last Tier List for this iteration of Top Player Council. The first Tier List for the new Top Player Council will be on April 8th.

The new box has introduced two new decks and along with them a new meta: one that I personally find very entertaining and interesting, with plenty of room for skill expression both in deck-building and gameplay decisions. As this is the last Tier List for this TPC (and me after a six-month tenure), I wanted to thank those who read this article weekly. Even though we don't always agree, making these Tier Lists was always an honor and fun for me. (Also thanks to

who has to put up with us).

Tier 1

There are no Tier 1 Decks at the moment

TPC Comments

We left behind the coinflip meta with the ousting of as the last survivor (Live☆Twin). There is no clearly dominant decks, but we have a group of decks with stronger options than the rest.

There's no clear Tier 1 deck for the moment but I do feel like there's better decks, we'll see on the upcoming weeks what deck dominates but right now it doesn't feel like there's a clear favorite

Tier 2

While Blue-Eyes is still very strong right now, it has gained a new bad matchup in Sky Striker (which can pop your whole Field with Loading... / Loading... , outgrind with Loading... , and Loading... 's ability to float).

Good techs for the Striker matchup will be general backrow removal (Loading... specifically works wonders, as banishing removes them from the GY and prevents Loading... 's trigger).

Loading... should also rise in popularity to set-up Loading... against Zombies/Mayakashi and potentially OTK Striker before the game goes for too long.

Shiranui and Zombies are combo-based decks with many options to play through disruptions (with Loading... being the most important support). Shiranui is less dominant than before, people already know how to play against and the rise of hand traps like Loading... /Loading... is helping to stop Shiranui plays.