The WCS 2024 Qualifiers will begin soon!

A special campaign is underway in celebration of the tournament!

Obtain gifts by logging in during the Road to WCS 2024!

Part 2 Rewards

Firewall Dragon Darkfluid

Part 1 Rewards

Day Reward
Day 1 SR/UR Choice Ticket (Rush Prismatic)
Day 2 SR/UR Choice Ticket Ticket (Speed Prismatic)
Day 3 UR Dream Ticket (Rush Glossy)
Day 4 SR/UR Choice Ticket (Speed Glossy)
Day 5 SR Dream Ticket (Speed Glossy)
Day 6 SR/UR Choice Ticket (Rush Glossy)
Day 7 100 Box Chips
Day 8 UR Dream Ticket (Speed Glossy)

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