New Bundles

A new Bundle arrives for Rush Duels on May 16th!

  • Includes the UR card Loading... and the SR card Loading... , Card Sleeves, Icon and 13 packs of the latest RUSH DUEL box!

New Lifetime Missions

Special Lifetime missions will also become available from May 16th, adding the following Skills/Cards to the game!

Mission Reward
Perform 3 Maximum Summon using Yuga Ohdo or Nail Saionji Set - Mighty Gaze of the Sky Emperor
Summon (Normal or Special Summon(s)) Level 7 or higher Dragon Monster 3 time(s) in Duels using Lucidien "Luke" Kallister Fullmetal Fist
Normal or Special Summon WATER Winged Beast monsters 3 time(s) using Gavin Sogetsu Spectral Squall
Summon 3 Level 7 or higher Psychic-Type monster(s) using Romin Kassidy Re:D Beat!
Summon Loading... 3 time(s) in Rush Duels. Blue-Eyes Reign
Normal or Special Summon LIGHT Machine monsters 3 time(s) in Rush Duels. Loading...

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