Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Side of Dimensions World Announced

  • Coming to Duel Links September 26th.
  • With the Launch of the World, players will receive a prismatic alternate artwork Loading... (with a brand new Summon Animation), 1000 Gems, a Dream UR Ticket, a Prismatic UR Ticket, a UR Ticket, a Prismatic SR Ticket, and two SR Tickets!
  • Kaiba's Ace is an alternate art Loading... with a new Summon Animation.
  • Seto Kaiba, Mokuba Kaiba and Sera confirmed as Legendary Duelists.
  • Players will be receiving more Gems and a "Skill Chip" item that can be exchanged for Random Skills.
  • A New Structure Deck EX Focused around Loading... has been announced for DSOD Release.

Official Video Preview

Official Images for DSOD World





![Banner](https://s3.duellinksmeta.com/img/legacy-articles/content/news/2019/09/dsod/DSOD World_1.jpg)

![Banner](https://s3.duellinksmeta.com/img/legacy-articles/content/news/2019/09/dsod/DSOD World_2.jpg)

![Banner](https://s3.duellinksmeta.com/img/legacy-articles/content/news/2019/09/dsod/DSOD World_3.jpg)

![Banner](https://s3.duellinksmeta.com/img/legacy-articles/content/news/2019/09/dsod/DSOD World_4.jpg)

![Banner](https://s3.duellinksmeta.com/img/legacy-articles/content/news/2019/09/dsod/DSOD Card Sleeve.jpg)

![Banner](https://s3.duellinksmeta.com/img/legacy-articles/content/news/2019/09/dsod/DSOD Mat.png)

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