Ready to feel the Rush?

Credits to vscode

Sevens Characters

  • Yuga
  • Luke

New IDs

  • Maximum Effect
  • Open Pack: Gacha SEVENS Effect
  • ARCHIVE Skills?

Rush Card Types

  • Cyborg
  • Paladin
  • Highdragon
  • Skysoldier
  • Omegapsychic
  • Galaxy

Rush Duel Details

Credits Q8Duelist

Rush Duel in Duel Links is currently programmed like this :

  • The Duel begins with each player has 4 cards.
  • The first player must draw 1 card from their deck.
  • Summon as many monsters as you want.
  • The LP starts with 1770 in HEX which means 6000 in Decimal.
  • During your draw phase you can draw as many card as possible until you have 5 cards.
  • There is no Hand-Size Limit.
  • NO Extra Monster Zone


  • Deck Size appears to be between 30 and 40 cards.
  • Pack opening animation will feature Kaizo, and Loading...
  • Turbo and Tag Duel support for Rush Duel