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New Cards

As we already found in our Datamined Leaks article, new Ranked Duel Tickets rewards are now available!

D.D. Sprite
Earth Effigy
Shadow Tamer

As well as previous event, level-up and starter deck rewards:

Prime Material Dragon
Heart of the Underdog
Ancient Rules
Harpie Lady

Note: Ranked Duel Tickets from seasons before October 2018 cannot be used to obtain these rewards

Top Player Council Thoughts

"What are your thoughts on Loading... ?"


Quite a good Tuner monster, but keep in mind that if you Synchro her away the monster banished by the cards effect will not return during your next standby phase. Even though all that, the card is one of the best currently accessable Tuners.


Really interesting card for the future.

Luke Tyler:

I see potential in this card, but at the moment we have terrible Synchro monsters. It might be worth noting that you can search this with Loading... , but I don't see that synergy being relevant.


A card to keep an eye on, looks very promising and really one of the better Tuners we have, what we're only missing now is good synchro monsters. It's splashable in almost any deck and can also work well with skills like Cyber Style . Definitely the card to get this season.