October 29th Update

With another maintenance update comes new discoveries; new Ranked Tickets, gate character, sales, campaigns and cards have been found thanks to YAZAN!

Ranked Tickets

These will be the rewards for the November season:

New Card

Loading... (SR) will be an obtainable cards but unsure through what means.

Zane at Gate

Zane Truesdale will be the next duelist added to the gate, if you missed out on his Cyberdark cards in the recent event, don't fret!

Zane Truesdale at Gate


There will be a sale to celebrate 80 million downloads.

Celebration Sale


  • There will be a x1.5 EXP Campaign in 8-11 days. All part of Konami's grand scheme to make you level up your characters quicker so you run out of gems! 😱


These are likely future updates to Duel Rooms: