November 28th Update

The New Structure Deck EX: King's Resonance has been leaked! Release date: November 30th


Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode
Assault Mode Activate
Assault Beast
Clock Resonator

Dark Signer Rex Goodwin Description

Head of Neo Domino City Sector Security. At first he's very cooperative with the Signers but then it's found out his real motive was to obtain both Signers and Dark Signers strength, in order for himself to become God and put an end to the battle that was going on for 5000 years. Using the cards Loading... , Loading... and Loading... he challenges Yusei, Jack and Crow to a Riding Duel.

New Mat/Sleeves IDs

  • 3rd Anniversary
  • Battle Memories, Friend Memories

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Keep in mind that the datamined information is speculation, and remains unconfirmed until officially announced by Konami

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