November 26th Update

New Ranked Ticket Rewards

These will be new additions to the next ranked season.

New Obtainable Card

There is no information yet in which way this card will be obtainable.

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New Structure Deck Text

A brand new Ancient Gears structure deck is coming!

Use this deck with Dr. Vellian Crowler's "Middle Age Mechs" Skill!

Cards not available yet, estimated time is early/mid December. More information in the next update.

Upcoming Sale

A new Sale is coming on the December 1st!


Card Sleeves and Game Mats

A lot of Game Mats and Sleeves were leaked! Along with 2 brand new Animated Game Mats!

  • Character card sleeves and game mat for the new character "Magic Cowboy Tristan" (next unlockable character)
  • Card Sleeves: 2-Year Anniversary
  • Card Sleeves: Welcome to Duel Academy!
  • Card Sleeves: Silent Swordsman!
  • Card Sleeves: Super Rush Headlong
  • Card Sleeves: Dark Magician Girl
  • Card Sleeves: Yusei & Akiza
  • Card Sleeves: Apple Cider
  • Animated Game Mat: Dark Magician Girl
  • Animated Game Mat: Yusei & Akiza
  • Card Sleeves: Snow Crystal
  • Game Mat: 2-Year Anniversary
  • Game Mat: Welcome to Duel Academy!
  • Game Mat: Silent Swordsman
  • Game Mat: Mirror Wall
  • Game Mat: Apple Cider
  • Game Mat: Snow Crystal

Upcoming Event: D.D. Tower

Items and information on an upcoming D.D. Tower event were leaked.


  • LP Tanks
  • LP Tanks +
  • LP Tanks ++ (Set of 5)

LP Tanks are an exclusive item for the currently ongoing event "D.D. Tower." You must be Stage 4 or higher to purchase LP Tanks +. If you purchase LP Tanks + , your Life Points in the D.D. Tower will increase. Please note that you cannot use LP Tanks after the event ends and the item will not carry over between events. You can purchase LP Tanks + up until one hour before the current D.D. Tower event ends. If you have LP Tanks at the beginning of a Duel in the D.D. Tower, the LP Tanks will fill up your Life Points to 8000. LP Tanks will become empty after using them, but you can reduce the amount of the tank you use under special conditions. For further details, please check the details page for the D.D. Tower event.

  • D.D. Draw

D.D. Draw is an exclusive item for the currently ongoing event, D.D. Tower. You can only purchase a D.D. Draw when your Stage is 4 or higher. When purchased, the number of your D.D. Tower event-exclusive item D.D. Draw will increased. Please note that you cannot use D.D Draw after the event ends and it will not carry over between events. You can purchase D.D. Draw until one hour before the currently ongoing D.D. Tower event ends. When used from the item menu before Dueling in the ongoing D.D. Tower event, you can draw 2 cards every Draw Phase for that Duel. D.D. Draw can be purchased by Gems only.

New Characters