Meta Weekly Changes July 3rd 2pm EST!

Meta Clan Wars Preview Coming Soon!

Giveaway Tournaments Monthly!

New Top Player Council NOW!


Hate being eliminated Round 1? Have anxiety over it?

Starting TOMORROW , July 3rd 2pm EST, you will NO LONGER be ELIMINATED from the Tournament!

This is a Temporary change, for 2 weeks, unless it receives exceptional feedback!

2 Losses GUARANTEES a place in the TOP CUT! 3 Losses? You MIGHT still make it!

No Player Cap. Quick Tournament. EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK.

Read the full information on the new Format in the discord


This is strictly a PREVIEW of what will be officially announced soon with Full Details.

Meta Clan Wars Preview:

  • Join/Create a Clan with Friends/Top Players.
  • Compete against other Clans weekly, through-out months that lead into a Championship Finals(100% entry fee + Stream Donations supported)
  • Low Time Commitment / Play on your own Schedule
  • Opportunities to win Sponsored Prize Support even from an under-performing Clan
  • Represent your Clan in the Discord through enforced [brackets]. "[BBW] Dkayed"(non-clan members will have brackets removed.)
  • Private Category for your Clan within the DLM Discord with as many channels as you wish