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New Cards

New card rewards for your Ranked Duel Tickets are now available!

Rose Archer

Note: Ranked Duel Tickets from seasons before March 2018 cannot be used to obtain these rewards

Top Player Council Evaluation

UR - Loading...

Evaluation - Future Potential

superforms: 'Loading... is future potential to the max. Turn 1 it's a completely free special summon with no drawbacks. It might not have immediate use, but it’s so hard to imagine this card not being great in the future.'

SR - Loading...

Evaluation - Future Potential

superforms: 'Loading... looks great against things like Loading... , Loading... , Loading... , etc., but the current Plant decks aren’t good enough for this card to actually push them onto the tier list. This is something with serious future potential if we get a Plant deck better than Aromages.'

R - Loading...

Evaluation - Bad

Importantly, this card can be summoned with Loading... . With Loading... on the field (easily achievable with Mythic Depths ), it becomes an 1800 ATK beater with piercing.

superforms: 'Looking at current Loading... builds, it likely won't make the cut.'