June 13th Update

Structure Deck EX: Ruddy Rose Burning

Fallen Angel of Roses
White Rose Dragon
Witch of the Black Rose
World Carrotweight Champion
Blue Rose Dragon
Naturia Rosewhip
Roxrose Dragon
Ruddy Rose Witch
Basal Rose Shoot
Plant Food Chain
Black Rose Dragon
Splendid Rose
Ruddy Rose Dragon


  • Spell of Roses

Send 1 "Rose Dragon" monster, Loading... ," or Loading... to the Graveyard from your hand and add 1 "Rose Dragon" monster from your Deck to your hand. Then, place 1 Loading... on either the top or bottom of the Deck from outside of your Deck. You can only Special Summon "Rose Dragon" monsters from your Extra Deck this turn. This Skill can only be used if you begin the Duel that follows the conditions below:

  • Your Deck contains at least 12 Tuner or "Rose Dragon" monsters, and no monsters other than Plant-Type monsters.
  • Your Extra Deck contains at least 1 monster, and no monsters other than Synchro Monsters.

This Skill can only be used once per Duel.

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