June 25th Update

Leaked Cards

Mekk-Knight Yellow Star
Fire King High Avatar Garunix
Witchcrafter Edel
Cupid Dunk
Storm Shooter
Witchcrafter Masterpiece

July Ranked Rewards

The Ranked Rewards for the July Season has been leaked! Here are the cards:

New Cards to be Added

Mekk-Knight Yellow Star
Storm Shooter

Old Cards to be Added

Rewards from previous events to been added to Ranked Duels Ticket Rewards!

Cyber End Dragon
Sand Moth
Winged Minion
Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1

New Skills

  • Magician Girl Defense

As long as you control 2 or more 'Magician Girl' monsters, all damage you take is halved.

  • Call of the Magician Girls

If you have 4 or more 'Magician Girl' monster with different names in your Deck, you will have an improved chance of having a 'Magician Girl' monster in your starting hand.

  • Magician Girls

The ATK of 'Magician Girl' monsters you control is increased by 100 for each 'Magician Girl' monster you control.

  • Ancient Fairy Dragon Rescue

  • Ultimate Evolution!

  • The Charm of a Maiden in Love

If your life points are 2000 or less, at the start of your turn take control of the monster with the highest atk on your opponent field. You can only use this skill once per duel.

  • The Thing which appears from the Dark Horizon

  • Red-Eyes Fusion

  • Undimensioned

If your life points are 4000 or less, show to your opponent from your hand two Cubic monsters and put a Cubic counter on a face-up monster on your opponent field. A monster with a Cubic counter on it can't attack and can't use its effects. You can only use this skill once per duel.

  • Thunder Dragon Colossus Descent Preparation

  • Cyber Dragon Reboot

At the start of your 6th or onward turn, choose a random Cyber Dragon monster from your GY and put it on the field. You can only use this skill once per duel.

New Characters IDs

  • Trystan Taylor (DSOD)
  • Bakura (DSOD)

Téa Gardner (DSOD) Profile

Yugi childhood friend, which stayed with him till the end until the departure with the other Yugi. Always with a positive attitude, she keeps walking her path toward the future. She has decided to go study in an university abroad.