The Return of Special Duels

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Event Info

Special Duels return for Season 3! Play in a seperate PvP ladder with special rules and rank structure. Fight for King of Games and achieve rewards and special icons as you go! This seasons rule requires dueling with "Legend Decks". Play as any character, but your deck MUST contain the ace card(s) and certain skills for the character you are using.

Event Rewards

Regulation Details

Special Duels have additional rules that differ each season. Season 3 requires the use of Legendary Decks with specific cards and skills based on the character you want to use.


Legend Decks require that players use certain Skills for their character. Each character has a list of Skills you can set. You can Duel without setting a Skill as well.

Core Cards

Legend Decks must contain "Core Cards", or character-specific cards.
Each character has a different set or sets of Core Cards.
There are 2 types of Core Cards (some Core Card sets may only contain 1 type):