In celebration of Duel Links' Fifth Anniversary, Konami is giving away awesome rewards to players who logged during the campaign.

Monster Reborn with the Legend rarity will be given away to all players!

Log-In Rewards

Day Reward
Day 1 UR Ticket (Prismatic)
Day 2 UR Dream Ticket
Day 3 SR Ticket (Prismatic)
Day 4 SR Dream Ticket
Day 5 UR Ticket (Glossy)
Day 6 SR Ticket (Glossy)
Day 7 UR Ticket
Day 8 SR Ticket

New Structure Deck

A New Structure Deck featuring Yugi's Dark Paladin and Dark Magician monsters is now available for purchase!

Selection Boxes

Selection Boxes have returned until February 13th! Now's your chance to grab your own copy of iconic cards like Loading... !

Additionally, there will be a Sale going on for Selection Boxes until May 30th

50% Gem Sale

The ever-popular 50% Off Gems Sale has returned until February 13th! Pack purchases on BOXes up until Valhalla Calling (Main BOX 22) will cost only 25 Gems each!

Additionally, there is a normal SR/UR Guaranteed Sale going on until May 26th.

New Lifetime Missions

With the 5th Anniversary Celebration Campaign, Konami has released a New Skill for Yami Yugi , Yugi Muto , and Yugi Muto (DSOD) : Master of Fusion: Paladin . This is a great skill for Dark Magician Decks, so be sure to unlock it by completing the following Lifetime Missions: