New Cards

New Ranked Duel Tickets rewards are now available!

Avenging Knight Parshath
Mist Valley Shaman

"Thoughts on the New Cards?"


Loading... could be used as a generic Synchro in a Light-based deck, but there isn't really anything that can reasonably make him, and he likely wouldn't be included over a copy of Loading... .

Loading... helps Gem-Knights with consistency issues, and its defense meets quite a few meta thresholds at the moment, but is still very slow, and gets trampled by the effects of Loading... + Loading... , Loading... , and Loading... .

Loading... has no real competitive value; the most you could do with it is return an opponent's monster that you control to their hand.

Ranked Duels Ticket Rewards

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Ranked Victories Ticket Rarity
2 N
7 N
10 N (Glossy)
20 R
30 SR
40 R (Glossy)
60 SR
70 R
100 UR
120 SR (Glossy)

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