January 24th Update - Ancient Gear Structure Deck

Ancient Gear Structure Deck

Ultra Rare

Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon
Ancient Gear Golem - Ultimate Pound
### Super Rare
### Rare
Ancient Gear Hydra
Ancient Gear Frame
Ancient Gear Wyvern
Ancient Gear Fortress
Iron Call

New cards: UR Loading... - unkown source/ machine type could be a structure card R Loading... - unkown source SR Loading... Release date: unknown

Leaks found by YAZAN

January 18th Update

We have the new ranked rewards from the February season:

Finally, Loading... will be obtainable as an Ultra Rare, but from a currently unknown source.

January 7th Update

New Cards

  • Loading... will be obtainable as a 2nd Anniversary Gift from Ishizu.

Swordbound Silence Structure Deck Banner

  • The Following Cards Were Datamined to be obtainable either from Selection Box Vol. 2 or the new Swordbound Silence Structure Deck or some other outlet. (we are unsure)