February 26th Update

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New Sartorius Skills

The following skills were added to the game but bear in mind that not all of them can be obtainable.

Right Side Up! When you toss a coin for an "Arcana Force" monster's effect, the result will always be heads.

Master of Destiny When you toss a coin for the effect of a card you activated, the result will always be heads for the first 3 coin tosses. This Skill will only activate if you begin the Duel with a Deck that has 5 or more cards with different names that require coin tosses.

Three Lord Pillars If your Deck contains both "The Spiritual Lord" and "The Sky Lord," begin the Duel with "The Material Lord" Set in your Spell & Trap Zone. All copies of "The Spiritual Lord" and "The Sky Lord" will be placed at the bottom of your Deck.

Light Barrier At the beginning of your first Turn, Light Barrier is set on your Field Zone.

Arcana Swap At the beginning of the Duel, shuffle any number of "Arcana Force" monsters from your hand into the Deck. Then, draw that same number of cards.

Reversal of Fate Select 1 "Arcana Force" monster you control. That monster's effect is now treated as the opposite coin toss result. This Skill can be used twice per Duel.

Path of the Fool After starting hands are dealt, add 1 Loading... to your opponent's Deck. As long as Loading... is on your opponent's side of the field, all of your coin tosses will land on heads.

Ruler of Light/Ruler of Dark Choose 1 of the following:

Which skills would you like to see obtainable?

Special Tyranno Hassleberry Event

We may expect a Special Tyranno Hassleberry event to be added in the future, which rewards would you like to see?

Special Tyranno 1

Special Tyranno 2