New Cards

The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion

Evaluation - Potential

One of the main strengths of Loading... is how easy it is to slot into decks that can support it. Ojamas is an example of how you can take advantage of Loading... . Using the ability of Loading... to special summon any Ojama then following up with Loading... let see you get an easy Loading... . There could also be potential in a fully dedicated Union deck. Using Loading... can let you turn one summon monsters such as Loading... . While the union archetype is fragile at this current point in the meta, a little more support could push this deck to the tier list. In the end, Loading... and the other Hex-Seals are cards to keep an eye on. They all have potential and one card can push any of them to top tier.

Dark Catapulter

Evaluation - Bad

Loading... requires too much set up to be good in any meta. The requirements for getting one counter is already hard enough; getting three counters to clear a full back-row is impossible. The card, however, does have synergy with graveyard resurrection cards such as Loading... as it protects Loading... from enemy monster's attacks if activated at the end phase. This clearly does not allow the card to be played competitively. Lastly, the fact that this card is a machine type monster and level four means it competes in the same slot as Loading... . Loading... has a similar effect but instead of destroying your opponent's spells/traps, it pins them down. The effect is immediate, requires no set up, and Loading... has more attack. There is no reason to be running Loading... over Loading... in any metagame and this will most likely will never change.

Necklace of Command

Evaluation - Bad

Loading... is too slow and requires too much set up for both of its modes. Since it has to be destroyed by battle; the card you draw isn't effective until your next turn. Discarding randomly is also not very useful since you are using two cards (whatever monster and Loading... ) to get rid of one. Your opponent will still have more card advantage despite which mode you end up choosing. Another bulk rare and it will never see competitive play due to being slow in every aspect.

Older Event Cards Added

Dark Driceratops

Evaluation - Bad

Loading... is just a average tribute monster with the slight upside of piercing damage. It can be used in a budget dinosaur deck but there are better things to spend your tickets on.

Destroyersaurus & Jurassic World

Evaluation - Poor

The intended reason to play Loading... is to get Loading... from your deck. This by itself is not enough to slot in the two cards in your deck. After using its effect, Loading... just becomes a 2100 beater and nothing else. Since you can start the game with Loading... by using Rex Raptor's Dinosaur Kingdom ability; there is no reason to run these cards. The only situation where the Loading... and Loading... combo is good is if you are expecting your first Loading... to get blown up. In ranked play this is simply not enough to push it to be playable. It has slight potential in a side-deck tournament but I wouldn't get any hopes high for these cards.