23rd February Update

By Yami Hammy


The Card Trader's inventory has been updated with some new additions to his card pool!

Archfiend Giant
Fish and Swaps
Atlantean Attack Squad

Top Player Council Opinions


Loading... could come in as a handy side deck card for Archfiends vs Water decks.

Loading... is 2400 ATK with Loading... and Loading... on the field so it could be useful, although I don't think the new water decks would play them.

Loading... isn't useful with the current card pool.

Required Items

  • Loading... : 45,000 Gold, 6 SR Jewel, 50 Stone of Darkness
  • Loading... : 15,000 Gold, 35 R Jewel, 35 Stone of Spell
  • Loading... : 18,000 Gold, 40 R Jewel, 35 Stone of Water


These new cards have potential in existing decks, but there's nothing game changing here.

The Card Trader is unlocked at Stage 7 and the cards in stock rotate every 8 hours.

7th February Update